4 tips to find the time to workout

Thursday, 16 June 2016
4 tips to find the time to workout

I only started taking exercise seriously around two years ago when I began working full-time. Before that, I rarely did any proper exercise, but I did have a job that involved being on my feet all day so I didn't really notice because I always felt like I had been pretty active. It was when I started working full-time in an office that I really noticed a difference. I felt so inactive, like I was just moving from one chair to the next all day and I really felt like I had to get my body moving again, so one evening after work I decided I was going to join the gym. I'd had a few gym memberships prior to this while at university but I never went because at that time exercise just wasn't really that important to me, I was more focused on getting good grades and having fun with my friends, and that was fine back then.

Since joining the gym and really making an effort to do regular workouts, I've fallen in love and I go at least three times a week, usually four, and I also run during the summer. I've realised the importance of exercise and of staying active because it makes me feel great. I love the feeling of pushing myself to go further, faster and to lift heavier. I love how a good workout can make me feel so wonderful even after a rubbish day. I love having time to just focus on myself and clear my head. They say that once you catch the exercise bug you just can't seem to stop and I used to think that was rubbish but now I get it and it is definitely a little addictive, you just need to get past the initial feelings of dread and find the happiness it can bring. 

I know exercise for some people can feel like a chore and I hear so many people complaining that they just don't have the time so today I wanted to share a few little tips for how you can find time to workout among your busy schedule. It's a little about changing your mindset but there are also some really easy things you can do to simply make more time to workout.

Make exercise a priority

When it comes to exercise, you need to make it something important to you because otherwise it can become so easy to push it to the side and prioritise other things. Exercise has become so important to me since I started making an effort to look after myself because I know how amazing it makes me feel. You need to remember that you will never regret going for a workout, but it's quite likely you will regret not going. Doing an hour workout is only 4% of your day, which really is nothing. Of course, there will be some days when you really just don't have the time, or you've had a really busy day and don't have the energy and that's okay too. Listening to your body is just as important as exercising. As long as you find time for exercise on at least three or four out of seven days you're doing great. 

Plan your workouts into your schedule

I know this one works really well for some people who love to plan their time down to the hour. If you write your workouts and exercise plans into your diary then you kind of set it in stone that it's going to happen. Seeing it written down makes it a solid plan and you're more likely to do it, and if you don't you'll probably feel bad for the rest of the week because it will be staring back at you every time you open your diary. There's no harm in swapping days, though, maybe you planned a workout for a Tuesday evening but ended up having to work late so couldn't do it - move it to the next day or the weekend so you're still getting in all your planned workouts for the week. 

Get up an hour earlier

This is one of my favourites. It really is amazing what you can fit in before work if you just get up a little earlier. In the summer, I love going for a run first thing in the morning and I only need to get up half an hour earlier than normal to fit this in. Sometimes if I know I won't have time for the gym after work then I'll get up an hour earlier and go in the morning when it opens at 6am. You could also do a workout video or even some yoga in the morning before work without even having to leave your house. It might be difficult to get yourself out of bed at that time but once you're up and doing your workout you will realise how worthwhile it was. I love sitting down at my desk at 9am knowing that I've already done my workout for the day, it really is the best feeling.  

Use your lunch break

I only get a half hour lunch break at work so I'm limited with what I can do in this time although sometimes my colleagues and I will go for a walk if it's a nice day. Although it's not an intense workout, going for a walk is still great exercise and it gives you an opportunity to clear your head and get away from the work environment for a little while, which is so important. If you get a bit longer for your lunch break then you could fit in a more intense workout. I know some places offer classes during lunch time which people can pop along to during their break, or you could go for a half hour power walk or run. It's just about using what time you have most effectively.

Do you have any other tips on finding time to workout?

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