Chocolate hazelnut spread

Monday, 5 September 2016
Vegan chocolate hazelnut spread recipe

Who else used to adore Nutella before going vegan? Nutella used to be what peanut butter is to me now - the kind of food you ate on everything and could easily sit with a jar and a spoon and be blissfully happy. So, this is my attempt at a vegan Nutella of sorts. The texture is a bit rougher and it is thicker, but it tastes pretty similar and you still get that feeling of wanting to sit and eat the whole lot out the jar with a spoon, so I'd call that a success. It's so yummy spread on strawberries or banana slices, on toast or swirled into porridge. This recipe makes a jar worth, but if you are anything like me then half the mixture will be gone before a jar is even taken out of the cupboard...

Vegan Nutella recipe

You will need:
1 cup hazelnuts* 
8 Medjool dates 
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla paste 
3/4 cup water 

- Roast the hazelnuts at 180 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. 
- Remove the skins from the nuts if required and then pop them into a food processor with the rest of the ingredients. 
- Blend until smooth - this takes around 10 minutes to get the right consistency.

*I use hazelnuts with the skins still on to make this recipe because they are cheaper to buy and the skins come off so easily once the nuts have been roasted (just rub the nuts and the skins flake off - the skins don't need to be completely off as long as most of them are) but you can also use blanched hazelnuts if you prefer. 

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Vegan chocolate hazelnut spread recipe

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