Vegan Favourites #2

Monday, 7 November 2016

It's unintentionally been quite a few months now since I posted my first vegan favourites so I definitely think it's time for another. Does anyone else feel like time is just going past at lightening speed? I thought about posting one of these every month but nope, time goes past way too fast for that! Anyway, so many wonderful things have been happening in the vegan food world recently so this post has ended up being almost all food items. Food is my number one love though so that's okay, right? 

ConsiderIt Chocolate (and salted caramel donuts) 

This is another of my vegan market finds. ConsiderIt makes the most delicious vegan truffle bars - the cinnamon and vanilla are my personal favourites so far. AND, they make vegan salted caramel donuts, which are quite honestly heaven. If you're from Scotland you need to track these guys down. I've also just discovered they have a store in the town where I live, which is so exciting because this town is severely lacking in good vegan food, but could also be very dangerous for my bank balance. Must control myself. 

Zizzi Vegan Pizza

I won't talk too much about this one because there's a whole post where I talk in great depth about my love for Zizzi's vegan pizza. It is the best pizza though, and the caramelised onions were to die for! 100% going back really, really soon. 

Geo Organics Satay Curry Paste 

This is the second curry paste I've tried by Geo Organics (the first was their red Thai curry paste, which is so good: recipe here) and it did not disappoint. In fact, it is so good I've been telling almost everyone I know about it. I made a curry using the paste, coconut milk, tofu, courgettes and carrots and it was out of this world, I've been dreaming about it ever since. All of Geo Organics' products are vegan, organic and made with ingredients you will recognise. I can't wait to try more of their range and will most definitely be stocking up on the satay paste.

Sainsbury's Caramelised Onion Cheese 

There isn't a Sainsbury's in the town where I stay so when I was over in Edinburgh a week or so ago I made sure to pop into a store and pick up some of the new vegan cheeses having been dying to get my hands on them since they launched! The caramelised onion one is possibly the best vegan cheese I've tried so far. The flavour is so good and the texture is really similar to regular cheese as I remember it, perhaps just a little softer. It goes perfectly with some crackers and grapes. It's a serious game changer - thank you Sainsbury's!

Laura Thomas' Don't Salt My Game Podcast 

Okay, so this isn't actually a vegan thing, although Laura is plant-based/vegan/doesn't eat anything with a face, whatever, anyway, I had to mention it here because you guys definitely need to know about it! I can't remember how I came across Laura's podcast but I can tell you that I am totally loving it at the moment. I discovered it around episode 15 so I've been binge listening back to all the past episodes and listening to the new ones as they come out each week. Each one is an interview with a different person who is doing wonderful things in the world, all centred around health and wellbeing. The best thing about it though is that it's all based on evidence and science, not just rubbish that's totally made up or 'shit that bloggers say'. I really can't get enough of it right now and it's totally been making my 6am gym sessions more exciting. It is most definitely my jam right now (if you listen to it, you'll get that). 

What are you guys loving at the moment? 

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