A Very Merry (Vegan) Christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

I've been vegan for around nine months now, although it kinda feels like forever. I've learned a lot, eaten a lot and made some seriously wonderful friends. Being the only vegan, and actually the only non-meat eater, in my family though means that on Christmas day I'm going to be having my own little feast of vegan food, so I thought I'd share with you guys what I plan on eating for the main event, in case you are looking for ideas or are just really nosey like I am. I'm pretty sure my family is expecting me to turn up with a bowl of salad and a few avocados,

What I (plan to) eat for Christmas dinner.

I haven't really planned a starter as I'm not too bothered about one (dessert all the way), but my dad did mention he might make a

So while the family eats whatever meat it is they are having, I've bought a box of the Linda McCartney veggie pies, which are suitable for vegans and only cost £2 in Tesco, and will be having one of those instead. I'll have the same roasted potatoes, veggies and trimmings as everyone else alongside as I asked my dad not to cook anything in duck fat again like he did last year. You totally won't even notice I'm the odd one out. 

I won't lie, this is definitely the course I am most excited about. Thanks to Instagram, I found out that The Coop fruit pies are vegan and oh my gosh, I can't wait to try one. I can't decide which flavour to get yet but I'll be having a giant slice of one of those alongside some Alpro custard, which is pretty much liquid heaven. 

Little extras: 
I'll also be taking up some vegan mince pies to munch on throughout the day (thank you to Lucy who let me in on the fact that Morrison's regular mince pies are vegan!) and maybe some of my gingerbread cupcakes to share with everyone to show that vegan cakes are bloody delicious too.

So that's what Christmas dinner on my plate is looking like. I did think about putting my domestic goddess into force and making something myself but it's Christmas so I'm being lazy. I'm also going to enjoy every last bite because I bloody deserve it. Ain't no guilty vibes going to be filling my head this Christmas! 

What are you guys planning on eating for your Christmas meal? I hope you all have a lovely day and indulge in all the vegan food and treats. I'm going to be taking a little break around here over the next week to enjoy the holiday and spend time with my faves so I'll speak to you in the New Year. 

Much love x

Ps. If you haven't already, check out my Christmassy vegan recipes!

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