Five podcasts you need in your life

Monday, 10 April 2017

I used to be one of those people who thought that podcasts were for total losers. Like, no way would they ever catch on; who wants to listen to stuff when you can watch stuff? Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong because podcasts are totally my new thing. I am so sorry I ever doubted them because they really do make my life (and gym sessions) a hell of a lot more interesting. The wonderful thing is, when you get into a pod that's been going for a while you get binge listen back to all the past episodes and it's just the best thing ever. So, if you're a pod skeptic or are just looking for a new listen, here are five I'm totally hooked on at the moment.

This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. If you've had enough of all the nutrition BS around, and let's be honest there is a whole lot of that, and want someone who will tell it as it is then you need Laura in your life. Laura is a registered nutritionist and a kickass woman who takes a no nonsense approach to food and nutrition. It's not all about food though, there's also a really strong body positivity vibe and discussions around things like mindfulness, exercise, and the health industry. The pod is all about having conversations with game changers, so basically incredible people who are doing inspiring things, with a whole lot of ranting and humour. Don't Salt My Game is a good all rounder that covers lots of interesting topics and important issues with a good dose of inspiration, creativity, and fun. Would recommend 110%. 

Evan and Hannah are both vegans so obviously that is a huge part of why this podcast is a winner for me. Aside from that though, they speak to some super cool guests and discuss topical issues in a way that makes you feel like you're just sitting having a chat with some good friends. They talk about the things and ideas that have motivated them to lead more compassionate and meaningful lives, ranging from veganism and ethical shopping to parenting and traveling. I always feel really inspired after listening to an ep of this pod so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go. 

If you're a vegan or would like to learn more about veganism then this is a great pod to start with. Filled with info, facts and vegan food hacks (rhyme totally unintended), each episode of the podcast is only around 30 minutes long so perfect for when you want a little burst of decent chat. The VS pod always covers things that are happening in the here and now of the vegan world and will arm you with a hell a lot of good points for when people ask/question/debate you on veganism. I feel like it gives me the ammo I need to talk about why being vegan is so wonderful, plus you'll learn a lot. 

How to live a more meaningful life with less is the tagline of The Minimalists and after watching their documentary I pretty much became hooked on their pod. I find that a lot of my values align closely with minimalism and although I wouldn't label myself one, I am really enjoying learning more about how to declutter my life and mind and focus more on the things that really matter. I urge everyone to give this podcast a go, even if you think minimalism is a load of rubbish. Give it a chance, because these guys speak a whole lot of sense. 

Another vegan one, but it's another good one. Andy and Paul have some great chats, mostly about vegan issues, although that's kinda obvious given the name. I just love listening to people whose values align with mine and who are so passionate about the lifestyle I choose to lead. The Bearded Vegans pod isn't one I listen to that often but when I do it always makes me smile and teaches me something - whether it's 'segans', 'veggans', an argument about the moral case for eating meat (spoiler: there isn't one) or whether we should stop using the word vegan, the episodes are always interesting, topical and pretty damn funny. Definitely one to listen to if you're vegan.

What are your favourite pods to listen to? 

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