Hello. I’m Nicole and welcome to my little space on the internet. 

This blog is a collection of my most made and loved recipes. The ones I eat time and time again. The ones that I share with or make for friends. The ones that always bring a smile to my face. 

I'm passionate about health and happiness and food is an expression of that. I believe in eating plants and sharing the joy of food. I want to make plant-based cooking simple, accessible, and delicious. 

Eating more plants is one way we can be kinder to the planet, and to ourselves. It's what lead me to becoming conscious of my impact on this beautiful world and striving to minimise it. I believe in finding joy in the simple things and being grateful for what I have. I want to have a positive impact, to make things better. 

We’re all constantly learning and growing, changing and developing. This space is just a slice of my life, but one I hope will give you some inspiration to eat well and find happiness in food.