Hello and welcome to my little blog full of vegan recipes, food and lifestyle! 

I'm a twenty-something living in Scotland who has a passion for porridge and who watches food documentaries for fun. I love food and creating delicious ways to enjoy healthy food which makes you feel amazing. 

Before starting this space on the internet I used to be a lifestyle blogger, which I adored but as time went on I felt like I was out-growing my previous self who used to binge on chocolate and sugary snacks and live off pasta. It was when I began working full-time that I changed my lifestyle because simply put, I felt awful. I worked for eight hours a day, most of which spent behind a computer screen, I always skipped breakfast and exercise was practically a foreign word. I was sluggish, had no energy and felt pretty horrible. The worst part was, however, that I didn't notice how bad I felt until I started eating properly and going to the gym. Within a very short space of time I noticed how much more awake I felt, how much more energy I had and, best of all, how much happier I was. 

Two years on and I've never looked back, which is why I wanted to start this blog to share my passion for healthy food and a happier lifestyle. Eating well is so easy and everyone can do it. It's just all about making healthier choices and thinking about what you are putting into your body.

All my recipes are vegan, a lifestyle change I made at the beginning of 2016 after doing a lot of research into the animal industry and learning about how wonderful veganism can be. 

This blog is really just all about healthy food which is simple and delicious and I hope you will enjoy it.